Your Global Trade Partner

Denare Group of Companies is a commodity trading house established in 2016 in Singapore.

We specialize in commodity and physical trading in various products such as Tin Ingots, Beans & Pulses, and Soft Oils. 

We envision ourselves to be a global and leading vertically integrated commodity trading house. We cherish and leverage our relationships with our suppliers and customers, and strive to add value across the supply chain. Robust risk management practices have established Denare as the preferred name and partner to growers, processors and trading houses alike along the value chain.


Denare is uniquely positioned as we leverage our extensive supplier network to source quality products at the most cost efficient manner. Over the years we have developed long-standing relationships with our suppliers by being reliable customers, and aim to provide the best all-round service.  Denare offers a suite of financing, risk management, and logistics solutions tailored to each of our suppliers and customer’s needs.


When it comes to our processing procedure we situate our processing facilities close to our suppliers and trade routes. This ensures the quality and consistency of our production. Through a range of spot, long term, and offtake agreements from our raw material suppliers, we are able to operate our facility efficiently, bolstering our ability to consistently deliver quality products in a timely manner.

Logistics & Shipping

We partner with an extensive range of logistics companies globally which allows us to execute safe and efficient transportation of our products over air, land, and sea. We can arrange and safely execute timely and cost-efficient transportation of different products, across various commodities from remote locations to urban centers.

Protective Gear
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Refined Metals, Concentrates and Ores


Surgical Grade Masks, Particulate Masks, Protective Gears, Sanitation Products


Harvesting, Processing, Extracting, Equipment Financing, Trade Finance